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January 2009  

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Interrobang and LJ - changes
 interrobang_hub - (melannen)
09:49pm 27/01/2009
Zigismunda formosa posting in Interrobang Studios: Comics 3 Days a Week
As you may have noticed, we've been falling behind on keeping the LJ posts updated lately. However! That doesn't mean we've forgotten about you guys.

The Interrobang Studios website now has an RSS feed. That means that you can add interrobang_rss to your friendlist, and every time we post a strip or news to Interrobang.com, you will get a link to it on your friendslist. You can add interrobang_rss easily by clicking on this link.

We're going to stop even trying to update this community regularly, so if you want to get thrice weekly doses of !? goodness on your lj, you should add interrobang_rss. Just as convenient, and far more reliable than us artistic types!

The old posts are going to stay up here on interrobang_hub, but we're going to turn this old place into a fan and discussion community instead. I am changing the settings so that anybody who wants to talk about Interrobang Studios can make posts here - have fun!

Thanks for sticking with us! And if you have any problems or questions on using interrobang_rss, ask in the comments here and I'll do my best to help you out!

(PS: If you're the sort of person who knows about things like rss feedreaders, you can also subscribe to the raw Interrobang xml feed at http://www.interrobangstudios.com/rss.php )
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(no subject)
04:56am 29/01/2009 (UTC)
Zigismunda formosa
According to our tech-guy (Blake the Mighty), LJ is using a really old RSS standard. In order to get the pictures to show up right on LJ, he would have to make them not work right on up-to-date readers. Plus it would break his little techy heart to deliberately use an old standard.

The system we have now, with the links, is a compromise that works both for LJ and everywhere else. But feel free to either try to talk LJ into updating itself or Blake into making a just-for-LJ feed!
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(no subject)
01:41pm 29/01/2009 (UTC)
stellar_dust: Doctor Who
Nah, we can just make an up-to-date DW feed in a couple months. ;D

(Man, that acronym is going to be confusing.)
picword: Doctor Who
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