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January 2009  

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Dark Intruder: Running on Empty
 interrobang_hub - (xerahanadu)
01:05am 15/12/2008
XerahAnadu posting in Interrobang Studios: Comics 3 Days a Week

Kevin's been cleaning out the studio flat-file this week. He's uncovered a goldmine of old sketches, doodles, and pre-Interrobang comics. Back in the day, Kevin headed "Severed Limb Studios." They put out a number of paper-style comic books, and had a whole gallery of characters and features. Dark Intruder, Smart Girl, A Girl Named Bob, Punker Darren, and the Trigger Star crew all had their very first appearances in those old books. There were other features that have not continued here at Interrobang,including the long-lost "Martha Stewart & Vlad the Impaler Gardening Special."

He uncovered scripts from a cannibalism episode a host of others which have held up very well over the years. Perhaps we will share some--with permission of the original author, of course.

In other, more festive news, the studio staff decked our holiday shrubbery this evening. We have a teeny-tiny artificial Christmas tree from the early 1990's--the kind of thing that gives Charlie Brown's evergreen an ego-boost. Since there are four cats in the house, setting it up is a futile hope at best. Most of them could take the tree in a fair fight (or at least two out of three falls). To save on broken ornaments, puked pine needles, and a Sisyphussian cycle of righting the tree on a 2 minute interval, we lashed the base of our nineteen-inch, artificial tree upside-down to a beam in the loft. I imagine that people with children do similar things.
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music: Sally's reading the Grinch who stole Christmas. (not in the Boris Karloff voice)
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10:06pm 15/12/2008 (UTC)
Looking forward to seeing some of these old drawings! And Severed Limb Studios is a great name, though Interrobang is probably more apt given the nature of y'all's work. If everything were along the lines of Cut Ya Man, though... ;)

I haven't entirely forgotten about that banner thing -- I just need to remember to make it when I actually have the time to do it!
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